B2B Marketing Festival

2 days of game-changing B2B marketing presentations, guaranteed to leave you flush with groundbreaking strategies, tactics, and ways of working. 

🗓 June 7 & 8, 2022

Add to your current expertise, with insights from:

🔥 Tap straight into 35+ of the brightest B2B marketing minds around

💪 Get tailored answers to your most burning questions

✅ Share and solve common marketing challenges with 5,000+ of your peers

👉 Learn from startups → MNCs across various markets and industries

🎟 Build your own event + pick ‘n’ mix from a broad range of marketing topics

Why attend the B2B Marketing Festival?

🎬 B2B marketing is fast-paced, ever-changing, and insanely competitive. This event will leave you with actionable insights that address all three.

🧠 Bringing new and innovative ideas to the table can be tough when you’re stuck in the grind. #B2BMAfest will break the mold and refresh the way you think.

🙋‍♀️ Every challenge, idea, and strategy is unique. You’ll be able to pick the brains of crazy experienced B2B marketers and get answers specific to you.

🚀 We’ve got the biggest and best line-up around. Fact. From brand and content to customer experience to lead gen - and more, we’ve got all the high-octane topics you need.

🤝 With 1,000+ of your peers online, you’ll have ample opportunity to forge tons of new relationships that last waaay after the event ends.

Learn from Adobe, Pleo, G2, and Google marketing leaders.

The inaugural B2B Marketing Festival will gather like-minded B2B marketers from every corner of the globe.

Just some of the cutting-edge talking points on the agenda include:

✔️ How to build a better brand with storytelling

✔️ How to unlock greater value from marketing technologies

✔️ Creating customized personal experiences at scale

✔️Driving brand loyalty

✔️ Marketing in an ever-changing market

✔️ Using gamification to increase customer retention

✔️ What's next in CX?

✔️ Strengthening the relationship between sales and marketing

Head to the full agenda >

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Share skills & build relationships

The B2B Marketing Alliance has created a platform where B2B marketers can connect, share ideas, and enhance their marketing practices. 

The B2B Marketing Festival is the perfect arena for T-shaped marketing pros to rub (virtual) shoulders with like-minded pros.

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The B2B Marketing Festival aims to connect the world’s leading B2B marketers with key solution providers paving the way for more innovative and effective marketing practices.

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